Dec 18, 2013

Alaska Palin is still clueless [updated]

One more time: the right to free speech as constitutionally guaranteed applies only to governmental restraint of speech made by citizens. The government cannot act to disavow you of that right.

The homosexual hating Christian bigot Phil Robertson on Duck Dynasty is being suspended by A&E in accordance with a legal contract that he willingly signed. For making silly comments.

The right to free speech does not give you the right to not be offended, nor to be free of criticism. If it did, then by simple inference someone else is being denied their right to free speech.

So, Alaska Palin, go fuck yourself!

Update: ..and a cowardly grifter.

No word on why Alaska Palin has not jumped to the rescue of Justine Sacco. For her freedom of speech. Yes, no one expects one to comment on all cases all the time, but this was way too close to the duckwad's mishap to ignore.