Oct 7, 2013

Moar Overton Window Please!

I intend to keep pointing this out, since I have to point out very little.

A few days ago:
Ah, so who are these moderates?
Today, one of the moderates is denying everything. This, despite being on record.

But wait, did he really deny it?

From the original article on CNN: 
"I'm going to continue to support our leadership. Even if we have entered the valley of death, when you enter the valley of death you have to keep running and the whole team has to stick together," a frustrated Nunes told reporters outside the House floor.
So why did the inept mainstream media paint him as a moderate to begin with?

Because balance.  They want to appear to be balanced rather than objective. You see, if they are right down the middle, they assume that they are being balanced.

Which is true as long as one side is not completely apeshit wrong. The end result of the media doing this repeatedly is the country is being moved rightwards.

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