Sep 25, 2013

He's a genius, but his stupid abounds

My RWNJ ex-husband recently argued with me about how Obamacare was messing with him and his co-workers.

As his story progressed, it wasn't about the Affordable Care Act (ACA) it was about internal work policies at his company that workers have to meet, such as an annual physical, and based on the results, those employees are held, Nazi- or Fascist-like, to employer-set goals regarding weight, blood pressure, thyroid levels, etc., etc.

When I pointed out that he wasn't talking about Obamacare, but the criteria his employer's Human Resources had set up to coerce health-conscious workers to accept the goals, and in the process, ostensibly lowering costs for the company, he got very belligerent and angry.

It's like hatred of the ACA, I mean, OBAMAcare, at all costs, and damn the torpedos.

I tried to placate by pointing out the ACA allows us to continue to keep our special-ed daughter insured (on my policy) beyond the limit of 26-years-old.  He made snotty, irrelevant and inane remarks about that. 

Discussion with RWNJs about improvements in current health care standards insurance is impossible.

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