Aug 11, 2013

Republicans can thank Obama for this

The gutless asshole who would leave gay marriage to the states is actually arguing for prayers at the start of government meetings
What a weaselly ASSHOLE!

What a disgusting replica of Mike Fuckabee Obama has become! It is one thing to not oppose someone trying to bring church into government, it is quite another to directly request inclusion of church into government enthusiastically.

That is precisely what he is advocating. (Emphasis mine)
Where, as here, legislative prayers neither proselytize nor denigrate any faith, the inclusion of Christian references alone does not constitute an impermissible advancement or establishment of religion. So long as the goal of the government-backed prayer is not to recruit believers or criticize a given faith then the practice should be supported. Neither federal courts nor legislative bodies are well suited to police the content of such prayers, and this Court has consistently disapproved of government interference in dictating the substance of prayers.
Why the fuck should it be supported? And what establishes what the goal really is?

So what do you think happens now? The SCOTUS will have a free pass to allow Christian prayers at the start of all legislative meetings, and the Republicans would be handed a win in their plans for Dominionism to prevail.

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