Jul 15, 2013

Bimbo Alert!

There was a time when Ba Ba Wa Wa was associated with some serious journalism. That all faded with her "The View," a veritable gabfest of celebrities discussing current affairs. It probably was not headed anywhere, and it went south after they hired Sherri Shepherd, a flat-earther who when asked "Is the world flat?" proceeded to demure "I don't know" and then expanded that "she never thought about it."  Then they hired the future Fox blonde, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, whose claim to fame was a fourth or fifth place finish on Survivor and that her vagina was deemed valuable by some football player.

And now "The View" has stooped lower, showing that it is always possible to lower yourself even further into the abyss. Yes, they have hired Jenny McCarthy, and the press releases like this across the nation are buzzing with teasers like "Her appointment, though, is not without criticism about her controversial views on vaccinations and autism."

Earth to Ba Ba Wa Wa:  Her views are not controversial.  They are batshit insane, and incontrovertibly wrong. Plus, they cause great harm to children of gullible folk, and stymie researchers who can actually work towards helping them.

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