Dec 14, 2012

Religious bias in Tejas textbooks

Shocking! Thank you Tea Party for demanding this investigation into how Islam has been a creeping influence in our schools that we are now indoctrinating our children with Muslim stuff.

This report mentioned on lays bare the facts:
  • Christianity got twice as much attention in the curriculum as any other religion. Islam was a distant second.
  • The Red Crescent and Boston Tea Party reference mentioned in the email were nowhere in CSCOPE’s curriculum, although they may have been in the past.
  • If there was any Islamic bias in CSCOPE it was “bias against radical Islam.”
Shocking times TWO!  This must have been conducted by some librul Islamosocialist!
The director, Jan Moberly, said she hired a “very socially and fiscally conservative” former social studies teacher who “watches Glenn Beck on a regular basis” to seek out any Islamic bias in CSCOPE.
“I asked her to look for anything she would consider the least bit controversial,” Moberly told the board.
Ouch!  It is sad when they cannot even rig the jury.

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