Nov 6, 2012


Maryland's Question 6 will pass by a margin of about 51.5% to 48.5%
Maine Question 1 will pass by a margin of about 54% to 46%
Washington Referendum 74 will pass 52% to 48%
Minnesota Amendment 1 attempt to ban gay marriage constitutionally is tied at 49-49, but trailing ever so narrowly. [updated: 11/7/2012] The attempt to ban failed 50 something to 49 something.

This is fucking GREAT compared to 2008 when Prop 8 failed passed in California.

Bigotry is beginning to die on this issue, and no longer can bigots claim "not at the ballot."


rappoccio said...

Rationality still winning in this election! I can only hope that this is a forecast of more good things in the future.

Neil Kelsey said...

Congratulations, rationality. I'll be interested to see if the crime rates drop in the states that have legalized marijuana.