Nov 7, 2012

Bullshit! [UPDATED]

The corporate media, whose pundits were handed their collective behinds on the 'twas-a-toss-up-till-Sandy election predictions are now showering praise on Boehner.  

Some headlines:
So it'd seem that Boehner is willing to raise the marginal tax rate on the top bracket, and let the Bush-Obama tax cuts expire, right?

Wrong!  From the last link above (emphasis mine):
Boehner, whose anti-tax Republicans renewed their House majority on Tuesday, said GOP legislators were “willing to accept new revenue under the right conditions.” 
That means tax reform and economic growth rather than raising rates, he emphasized, and accompanying steps to rein in the government’s big benefit programs. 
“The question we should be asking is not ‘which taxes should I raise to get more revenue, but rather: which reforms can we agree on that will get our economy moving again?” the Ohio Republican said.
So Boehner is basically repeating the nonsensical offer that was rejected last year when they voted for sequestration. He wants all cuts, no tax increases, a tax rate decrease, and unnamed loopholes to be closed.

At some point he'll have to realize that
  1. Romney did not win the election;
  2. Assuming that Obama is an idiot like his base is a bad idea;
  3. Compromise does not involve doubling down on your rejected demands.

Will Obama call his bluff? The last time Obama compromised after a big win was in February 2009, and guess how much support he got for the much needed stimulus?

That's right.

[Update: 11/08/2012]
Didn't sell, did it Boehner?

Well, no one would have guessed that.  Horror! Shock!

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