Aug 20, 2012

The real reason Akin is in trouble

It is not unusual for a GOTP member to do his open-mouth-insert-foot act. Heck, some even take out ads or make public speeches on the matter (see Saxby Chambliss, Joe Walsh on their partially limbless opponents.)

Usually the leadership simply shrugs it off with a "People who endorse me or people who work for me, I respect their endorsement and their work, but that doesn't necessarily mean that I endorse all of their statements," or accuse the liberal media and move on. But this one is different. Why? Because it crystallizes the assault on women's health and reproductive rights that the GOTP has denied ever making.

So distance from Akin, but shun him like this to call for him to drop out?

Yes, this one is that different.

This year the Senate is really up for grabs. It is not inconceivable that it could change hands, or even be tied. In the case it is tied, it becomes vital to win the White House because you cannot pass any bills without overcoming the filibuster. As I have been saying elsewhere, the filibuster will be history just as soon as the GOTP wins control of the Senate. On Day 1, they'll strike down, by a simple majority and in accordance with Senate rules, the onerous requirement of 60 votes, and reduce it to a simple majority. That way, regardless of who wins the White House, a Republican Congress can basically lock the country down, or have its way. If they win the White House, game over.

As it stands, they have a better chance to win the Senate than the White House. So Akin does them damage on two fronts:
  1. He jeopardizes their chances to win the Senate.
  2. He jeopardizes Romney's chances of winning the Presidency.
1. is where the focus is, and it is simply misguided. Firstly, this is Missouri, Akin is leading, and will probably get a bump from this position of his. But the real danger for Republicans is 2.


Because of this bill: Sanctity of Human Life. It ties Paul Ryan to Todd Akin. Suddenly, in addition to Medicare, abortion becomes part of the national debate. The bill gives broad hints as to what one can do in case one is impregnated as a result of a rape.

Yes, you get the picture. "Legitimate rape" is covered, all others, well, you were merely asking for it!

The only reason Akin mentioned "legitimate rape" was because when he and Ryan mentioned "forcible rape" in an earlier, now withdrawn bill, there was a backlash.  One that the GOTP had managed to quell, thanks to a mind-numbingly inept media.

This just resurrected it.


j renshaw said...

I thought Joe Walsh was one of the most despicable players in the TP, but he's been pushed aside by Akin.

rappoccio said...

I am certainly hoping that this exposes the anti-abortion movement for what really underlies it: misogynistic views masquerading as morality.