Aug 11, 2012

Mitt Picks his Alaska Palin

The good news for him is that this one may be a tad more educated, so won't be quite the boat anchor Palin was.

I had predicted Pawlenty, but obviously things are not going well for the Mitt campaign, and he needs someone more than blah. Of course Rubio and Christie want to run for POTUS someday, and do not feel so rosy about Mitt's chances, so they chose wisely, since running and losing might sound the death knell for their ambitions.

Enter Paul Ryan of the two numbers and other "facts."

The master of the voodoo budget and erstwhile YES voter on TARP, auto bailouts, Medicare Part D, Iraq war (all unfunded, of course), and future YES voter on destroying Medicare as we know it, cutting everything but defense funding, and a 12.5% points tax cut for the ri.., er, job creators, and bigger deficits as far as the eye can see.

Of course the Tea baggers will love him. Even when you tell 'em how he admires Ayn Rand, an atheist. Because the tapes are a liberal conspiracy.

I guess he takes over the title of "Obama's worst nightmare!" Pretty sad state of affairs that you cannot beat a black President whose term has overseen some of the worst unemployment rates in history with close to a billion dollars that will be raised by the GOP SuperPacs.

One thing though, both Democrats and Republicans wanted Mitt to pick Ryan, so there is a glimmer of hope that they can work together, right?

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Bretta said...

Pawlenty already declared he's voting for President Obama. Nothing like a woman scorned.