Apr 28, 2012

Wrong kind of shocking

Marco Rubio, the Latin darling of the GOP, has been found guilty of receiving improper campaign contributions.

From Yahoo:
The Senate campaign of Florida Republican Marco Rubio has agreed to pay an $8,000 fine for accepting slightly more than $210,000 in improper contributions.
Considered a top candidate for the vice presidential spot on the Republican ticket this fall, Rubio won his Senate seat from Floridain 2010 in a race against independent candidate Charlie Crist and Democrat Kendrick Meek.
Shocking isn't it?  No, not that he received these improper donations, and no, not even that he got caught, but that the penalty for the crime was an insignificant $8,000.

Imagine that, take a $210K illegal donation, and launder it through a $8K fine. No censure by the Senate, no election laws that invalidate his election, no jail time,... nothing!

Again, it is not that politicians can be bought, but that they can be bought so cheaply, and if ever caught, can get off even cheaper.

Next stop for Rubio?  A VEEP nomination or a high-profile spot at the GOP convention in Tampa.

1 comment:

rappoccio said...

Yipes. This is like parking illegally to avoid paying $30 for parking when the tickets are only $10. What a crock of shit!