Dec 19, 2011

The PuffHo censoreth Dickipedia

Writers of the PuffHo had created a wiki of dicks, Dickipedia ( It was ruthless, acerbic, eviscerating ridicule of many dicks.  Like Tom Cruise, and Alaska Palin and Newt Gingrich and sundry.

It's gone!

While you may not find cached entries on Google's search engine, you'd find excerpts from entries cached in referring articles like the PuffHo itself.

So what happened?  My suspicion points to the newly minted PuffHo TV.  The celebrity authors on the not-TV-TV are Bill Maher, Alan Aaron Sorkin, Dr. Phil, and Norman Lear.

Yes, you guessed it, one of more of them are dicks. Big dicks. Which is also the only reason the HeadHo has been left off the dick list.

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