Oct 19, 2011

Jack Hanna and the Zanesville Tragedy

There is absolutely no excuse for destroying all those animals. Responders couldn't wait the 15 minutes for the tranquilizers to work - they just had to destroy these rare animals in hyperventilating fear.

The owner had a huge long list of compliance actions against him yet no enforcement official had a plan in case the man went rogue.

It is sickening to see Jack Hanna endorsing the destruction instead of wondering why he was allowing this idiocy to go on: he is an emeritus director of a major zoo in Ohio! Where was his responsibility?

It is estimated there are less than four thousand rare Bengal Tigers left in the world but these eighteen had to be murdered because the officials in charge had no plans and no intellectual capacity to deal with the potentialities.

Jack Hanna has lost me as a fan.

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