Sep 20, 2011

Who Cares Anymore About Sarah Palin?

As anyone in range of the so-called Lame Stream Media knows by now, Joe McGinniss' long awaited reprise of the salacious story of Sarah Palin, half-term Governor of Alaska, Dominionist Christian, and social-network political playa-cum-pitbull, was published today as The Rogue.

So far I like the book - although we've heard most of the stories before, there seems to be a little more in-depth and a little more in-context with the character of "The Valley," where Mrs. Palin's hometown of Wasilla, the world's longest strip mall, is located, and, of course, now we have Joe's word that each item has been verified by several sources.

Comparing The Rogue Sarah with Herman the Rogue Yak was pretty funny.

I'm waiting to get to the part where he shows what he said was the coup de grace, what really made Sarah quit - I'm betting it was something more deeply unethical than what has been described before - but who knows; Teflon Sarah seems to get away with a lot.

Amazing, also, too, how Republican activist Andrea McLeod got most of the credit for the more than 20 charges of ethical breaches, as well as the brunt of vilification, when it was another Palin long-time friend and neighbor Zane Henning who had filed three of the ethics charges that stuck good.

Many people, according to Joe, stopped by the house he conveniently rented next to Sarah Palin's home, to offer him a variety of arsenal, of powerful guns to defend himself from the rabid, foaming, slathering sycophants Sarah was inciting to hate the author with her angry lies and distortions.

It makes it seem like everyone in Alaska has a houseful of guns, which is patently not true.

Jay Cross was one who offered help but I didn't like how he made Jay sound like a hick - I've known the Crosses many years and I don't think he sounds like that; characterizing Jay as having a good sense of propriety and a heart of gold is accurate, though.

I am also surprised at how many of these people I have crossed paths with through the years, underlining a fundamental truth about Alaska: it is a very small town.


Staid Winnow said...

Teflon Sarah? Thin skin is not made of teflon.

I still have not heard any explicit denials of the Glen Rice saga. I mean this is the woman who fought public with Levi Johnston.


Not even a 'Glen Rice is a shameless liar'?

Bretta said...

Todd Palin didn't deny it either ...

Todd Palin who didn't get mad at Sheriff Arpaio giving his wife dirty panties.

Todd Palin who doesn't object to hordes of balding fat ignorant white men drooling all over her.

Todd Palin who brought a woman, Shailey Tripp, into prostitution so that he could pay her to service men who interested him, other Tea-Party and secessionist fanatics such as Joe Miller, the 2010 Republican candidate for US Senate, and Schaeffer Cox, the wife-beater who was recently arrested for allegedly masterminding a 2-4-1 plan to kill two judges and two troopers, and burn their houses, in retaliation for every person in their militia arrested.

Glen Rice was from Sarah's good ol' days.

Her life now is beyond bizarre.