Sep 4, 2011

They are just not into you, Sarah

Americans want Palin to go away. Which is puzzling because she is not here, or there, in the first place. You all realize that "The Undefeated" was just a movie title, right?

Wait, who said that Americans want Palin to go away?

A poll.  A FOX "News" poll.

Now, you cannot trust the lamestream media polls much these days, but when 71% of Republicans including 66% of the Tea baggers want you out, it is pretty hard to have rigged that jury.

Although, if she did run, and by a miracle (like an abstinence-only program), she won, she'd become the darling of the Republican Tea Party.

I mean, even Cheney does not like her. Even said so on FOX "News".

1 comment:

Bretta said...

She used to have Cheney eating out of her hand.

I guess the party's over.