Sep 7, 2011

PuffHo does not get it!

Remember when I anointed Perry as #45?  I noted then that the lamestream media is hopelessly lost when it comes to evaluating his chances.

Of course, that was not an invitation to PuffHo to exhibit that cluelessness, but they did so anyway.

Just look at how unknown of an entity they make him out to be, and how uncertain they think GOP principals are.

Once Perry wins the GOP nomination, and he'll, no later than Independence Day 2012, you'll find all these naysayers, doubting Thomases, and sundry line up solidly behind him.


Bretta said...

Perry will suffer from premature election peak - he will not be nominated, no matter how he stirs the Tea Bugger base.

He's pretty, like Huntsman, so people will look, but he only holds with those who already believe - never with those who remain to be convinced.

Staid Winnow said...

But that won't matter, because it has never mattered to the Republicans. Take a look right now. He is leading the polls, not just among Tea baggers, but among all Republicans. He leads the polls despite people knowing him to be fundagelical, anti-science, and despite people like Karl Rove and company saying bad things about him.

When he wins the nomination (what else can be known that will make him drop in the polls?), they'll ALL line up solidly behind him.

Obama's 300 billion proposal would have been negotiated down after weeks to some 50 billion, and it'd have NO impact on unemployment.

Perry is a shoo-in