Sep 9, 2011

My Mom is So Funny, page 7

Please send Mom some mail.

She looked so forlorn last night that the postbox did not have anything for her, so I gave her the same advice she gave me as a young and avid fan of mail, that if I wanted to get letters…

She finished, “…I would have to send some.” She apparently remembers her own advice – not bad for 85.

So I dug out the cards I had picked up for two of the Aunties – I thought it was their birthday month. Well, it was – in July - when I bought the cards.

She signed her name, I put a short note, found the stamps and return labels, stuck the card in one and said, here, lick this. She did. Like an expert, even nicely folding down the flap, all with one hand.

“Where’d you learn to lick like that?” Did I have a smidgen of innuendo?

Her lips only make the sketch of a smirk: “I’ll never tell.”

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