Sep 19, 2011

I Ate a Bear Today

I ate a bear this morning.

It was cinnamon-ny with a hint of raspberry.

My boss & his hunting party got one caribou and two “blueberry bears” (grizzlies that don't live near a fish source) a couple weeks ago – he brought a roast in to work today.

It was tender, somewhat more like beef than pork (bears are in the porcine family) but the spicy-fruity flavor was what surprised me.

I used to make beer before I took on my parents’ problems, so I had been learning how to judge the flavors in food & drink.

It’s sort of a “wait and feel the sensation” process – hard for me to do – I think I would have been better at it when I was younger, when the tongue was more sensitive, when olfactory nerves were more widely scoped as well as attuned.

Now I care more about savory flavors than sweet - the bear surprised me because it was sweet without being overwhelming like a fruit or a spice or salad dressing or a drink.

Can a flavor be pale?

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