Aug 18, 2011

Prayer Works, Folks!

Just ask Rick Perry, the demagogue who led the State of Texas in prayers to a deity when the Obama-induced drought conditions besieged the state. Oh wait, you cannot. He's bailed for greener pastures. You can do that when you truthfully boast of creating more jobs than the rest of the nation combined, and hide the fact that you still have worse unemployment than New York (where they allow gays to marry), and a $ 28 billion deficit staring at the next sap unlucky and stupid enough to follow in your footsteps.

All I can say is that Perry's prayers have been answered by a gaggle of buffoons posing as presidential candidates—an assemblage so weak that Obama the Socialist looked increasingly certain to repeat.

But prayer does not work for one town in South Texas: Robert Lee. Yes, that is the name of the town, even if it is also the name of the General of the Confederacy. (N.B.: The Confederacy lost the Civil War).

So, what's the diagnosis, Eddie Ray Roberts, aqua superintendent?
We can't catch a break
Maybe if you did not elect knuckle draggers like Perry who have a disdain for failing infrastructure, conservation and the environment, you could be actually be planning for eventualities like this.
In the town of Llano, near Austin, officials have made a contingency plan to roll trucks of bottled water into town if rain doesn't start to replenish the water supply, and workers are drilling test wells into parched, rock-like soil. Water restrictions are in effect in unprecedented in places like Midland, where lawns in the oil-rich Permian Basin have typically remained lush even as previous droughts burned up millions of dollars in surrounding crops. But barely a half-inch of rain has fallen in Midland since October.
Kemp's emergency shortage was caused by aging underground pipes that burst in the dry, shifting soil baked under a streak of 100-degree afternoons. 
Perhaps they can try some more prayer. It is true that sometimes God says "no", but I do not think that God has spoken yet. Give him time, maybe he is busy watching orphans die of starvation in Sudan and Somalia.

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