Aug 3, 2011

The FAA Fracas

When you demonstrate that hostage-taking works, hostages will be taken. Obama demonstrated that in December, and again this month with the debt ceiling bill.

Why shouldn't the GOP take hostages? Busting the unions is what they want to do, so they are willing to take whatever hostages they want.

In the end, Obama will cave in, and the FAA unions will be weakened. Then the GOP will move on to the next hostage drama. I do not see why people are surprised or upset over this.

I only wish he caved in right at the beginning. Why pretend to stand firm when everyone knows that you are not going to? It just drags out the crisis. Instead of having a crisis for a month and then agreeing to cut down the unions, agree to cut them down now, and avoid the crisis.

Really Obama, this whole strategy of winning the Independent vote because the liberal and the conservative factions are spoken for, is not going to work. They like to see you as an adult. Instead, you look like the guy who is gift-wrapping his lunch money to the bully.

And adding in interest for being late.

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