Aug 23, 2011

"Abstinence works... it is the best form to teach our children"

Thus spake Perry.

Let's see the Texas record:
  • 96% of schools got to teach this exclusively. That means it was the most promoted method of curbing teen pregnancy.
  • Perry turned down $4.4 million in federal funds to assist in sex education. We-got-this-so-fuck-you-Obama was the approach. Of course, Perry did take all the stimulus he could grab, while simultaneously criticizing the stimulus as a failure.
  • Texas had one of the highest teen birth rates and [updated 7/28/2013] most teen pregnancies in the nation.
  • Texas had the fourth highest teen pregnancy rate in the nation.

Couple other observations
  • Teens were having more sex when exposed to abstinence-only programs
  • Teens stopped using birth control because they were told during their abstinence-only programs that it is unreliable

He must be taking lessons from Alaska Palin Jr. Her brother, Track (named after a Scrabble triple-word win), had a child just three months after he got married. Either the stork comes early in The Land of the Midnight Sun or someone needs to explain to the Palins how babies are made, and pregnancies avoided.

Watch the fucking idiot deny reality:

Yes, double down on "Abstinence works!" when asked about why "Abstinence-only programs" are a failure.

"They must not be teaching it correctly" says the idiot. Hey Perry, here is the correct way to teach it:

You shall not have sex. Period.

How much did you pay your Jesus cronies to fuck that up?

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Bretta said...

All those young people who are not using condoms whilst they practice the $Palin form of abstinence will gain an abundance of diseases - a century of improving human health is being flushed down the tubes. Dominionists win.