Jul 18, 2011

Wait, Could I be Wrong?

Of course. Wouldn't be the first time.

Obama today threatened to veto the Tea Party Republican led initiative to cut, cap, and balance something. It wasn't the spill in the Gulf, because the GOP would never do such a thing, and instead apologize to BP for anyone threatening to do something like that.

Oh wait, the Senate is not going to pass this DOA bill.

So no, Obama is on schedule. Although I must admit, he is beginning to cut it close, with just two weeks remaining.

To recap, here's what's on the table

1. A GOP lead proposal to cut $2 trillion, all spending cuts.
2. Obama's counter-proposal to cut $4 trillion, $1 trillion of which comes from tax hikes on the super-rich.

Seriously, no one else sees this to be a win for the GOP already?

Obama only wins if 2. passes, and the Democrats lose it either way. It is only how bloody they get. Option 1 is the bloodier of the two.

Cue my favorite music.

Oh, and Joe Barton is busy trying to cost consumers $12 billion by protesting energy efficient light bulbs.

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