Jul 6, 2011

Making Water wet

Thanks to a surge in sensible public opinion (78% of those polled), DADT was repealed in December 2010. However, that did not mean homosexuals could start serving openly. Apparently the military needed time to placate the homophobes, and while the repeal bore fruit as law, the fruit may only be plucked when the military declares so. The optimistic estimates were around September of this year.

So what happened to the lawsuits, like the one by the log cabin Republicans, already in motion against the ban against homosexuals serving openly in the military? Aren't they as pointless as making water wet?

They continued. As they should. If civil rights are being violated, and the delay is in placating homophobes, fuck 'em!

And today, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the ban must be lifted immediately. Good for them!

Updating the judicial activism scorecard.

The judges

Alex Kozinski. Appointed by The Gipper.  Voted YEA
Kim McLane Wardlaw. Appointed by Slick Willie.  Voted YEA
Richard Anthony Paez. Appointed by Slick Willie. Voted YEA

OK, I give up. Which one(s) is/are the activist judge(s)?

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