Jul 18, 2011

"I am Herman Cain..."

Herman Cain wants to ban mosques. Maybe not really, but his campaign needs a biggish dose of crazy every week to stop becoming... well, like The Newt's campaign.

But he did not actually say that he wants to ban mosques, what he said was that communities have the right to ban mosques. Which technically is correct, so he is not saying anything new, and will justify it exactly like that. Banning mosques is constitutional, he says. Because the constitution is about the separation of church and state, and Islam is both a religion and a set of laws.

Or something. That's like banning grass because watching it grow is painful.

Hey Herman, guess what that means for Christianity? The ten commandments are a set of laws.

Predictably a smart Southern Baptist saw the peril in Cain's stance. That's right, it makes it difficult for Christianity to become law of the land.
Don't throw out the baby with the bath, Mr. Cain.

Indeed. He continued:
Mr. Cain of all people, as an African American, should understand that our civil rights have to be guaranteed on a federal level, I don't think he would want to leave the civil rights of an African American to the local voters in Philadelphia and Mississippi where they buried three civil rights workers – one black, two white – under a dam after they had killed them.

Cain instead went The Full Palin and said
I don't back down one iota from my statement.

That's right, he doubled-down. Nothing to see here folks.  Move along now...

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