Jul 15, 2011

The fix was in

Roger Clemens was set to go to jail on charges.

  • Obstruction of Congress
  • Lying about ever using HGH
  • Lying about steroids
  • Lying about Vitamin B-12
  • Lying under oath about ever using HGH, aka, perjury
  • Lying under oath about steroids, aka, more perjury
Extenuating circumstances:
  • Others have taken HGH, steroids, or both
  • 2 time World Series champion
  • Athlete.  Also Yankee
  • 7 Cy Young awards
  • MVP
  • 2 pitching triple crowns
  • 11 All-Star appearances
  • Not Barry Bonds
Dilemma: Tough one to find a jury that would guarantee acquittal, quickly

Best bet: Technicality

Hallelujah! Prosecution fucks up inexplicably!

Folks, I know everybody is focused on the other phony issue called The Debt Ceiling. But please, on Day One?

Presiding Judge Walton:
He (Clemens) is entitled to a fair trial and, in my view, he can’t get that now, and that was caused by the government. There are rules that we play by and those rules are designed to make sure both sides receive a fair trial....[T]he ability of Mr. Clemens to get a fair trial with this jury would be very difficult if not impossible. I think that a first-year law student would know that you can’t bolster the credibility of one witness with clearly inadmissible evidence.

Even Luke Walton can see that the rigged is strong with this one.

Next stop: Cooperstown

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Julie said...

First I would like tonsay that congress should not be involved in this. If the league prohibits performance enhancing drugs, then test players and throw them out when the test is positive. If they broke the law using illegal drugs then arrest and convict them the same way this government convicts minorities of using recreational amounts of marijuana in larger numbers than they convict white middle class users.