Jun 9, 2011

RIP Newt!

And just as it started, with a bang, it has ended with one.  Today, The Newt's posse quit on him. For a clever, shrewd, competent politician who orchestrated a robust economy in the 90s with Clinton, he had his flaws. Quitting on his first wife because she got cancer, on his second because he found someone more capable of servicing his sexual desires were only slightly more despicable than acting holier-than-thou during Clinton's non-sex with that woman.

Then he sank deeper, converted to Catholicism so that he could get his prior marriages annulled. Kinda like having surgery to become a virgin again.

His jumping into the 2012 fray was rocky. Not for the disastrous start he had attacking Paul Ryan, but for what he sold. He recanted his previously held position and proclaimed that anthropogenic global warming was not a happening thing, gay marriage was an abomination, and whatever Obama did was wrong even if he himself held the exact same viewpoint weeks earlier.

And just like that, he is done. Now he has to live with Callista who will never trust him, and the knowledge that he sold his conscience for an impossible selfish dream.

Rotting after your death is a natural process, The Newt is going to experience it as he lives.

May he live long!

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