Jun 6, 2011

Honest Christian, or Just Another Hypocrite?

Romney is a Mormon. People know this. Romney is also a Republican, and perhaps could be the party's pick. People know this, too. So what's a Tea Party Fundagelical to do? Vote for the Christian Obama?  Vote against the Muslim Obama?  Simply abstain?

Most Tea Party Fundagelicals will tell you that they do not care about a person's religion. Their other faces will then loudly reaffirm the falsehood that America was founded on Judeo-Christian principles and is a Christian Nation.

Not Warren Cole Smith.

Who, you ask?

Warren Cole Smith may or may not be a Tea Partier, but he is most certainly a fundagelical. One who believes in religious purity. Or, as most Tea Partiers put it, he respects the Judeo-Christian values this country is decreed to be founded on.
But the real problem is that Mormons believe and teach an American history that is in many particulars completely unsubstantiated and in others demonstrably false. Mormons believe that the "lost tribes" of Israel actually ended up in America, and that Jesus visited America and these tribes during his incarnation. These are just a few of Mormonism's highly idiosyncratic views of history.

Really?  You mean that the particulars of Noah's flood, Moses parting the Red Sea, and leading his people across a desert, wandering for four decades and carefully leaving no evidence of their migration are substantiated? Or that men turning water into the house red, walking out of graves after being dead, treading on water, etc. are demonstrably true?

Warren goes on
Mormonism is particularly troubling on this point because Mormons believe in the idea of "continuing revelation." They may believe one thing today, and something else tomorrow. This is why Mormons have changed their views, for example, on marriage and race. Polygamy was once a key distinctive of the religion. Now, of course, it is not. Mormons once forbade blacks from leadership roles. Now they do not. What else will change? 

Thankfully, Christians are steadfast in their beliefs. They have never changed their position on David's polygamy or Solomon's super-polygamy, or the Yahweh rules of conduct on slaves, or the realization that the age of the Earth being 6,000 years is just a metaphor, or the departure from geocentricism, or the acceptance of divorce, or allow women to defy Paul, or even gasp, accept gays.  

That, you see, is substantiated and demonstrably true.

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