Jun 29, 2011

Activist Judge Sighting

A federal appeals court upheld Obamacare today, albeit via a split decision. It stands to reason that such happened only because of judicial activism exercised by a judge.

The question is, which one?

Judge Boyce F. Martin. Appointed by Jimmy Carter. Ruled YEA
Judge James Graham. Appointed by The Gipper. Ruled NAY
Judge Jeffrey Sutton. Appointed by Bush the Younger. Ruled YEA

While I wait...


Bretta said...

I know you made this question easy for the intellectuals, Alex, so I am going to guess "Bush the Younger."

Shripathi Kamath said...

That's like answering "Who was best performer of the night: Jeter of the Yankees with his 5 for 6, Pujols of the Cards with his game-ending HR, or Lincecum of the Giants with his one-hit shutout?"


"St. Louis!"