Jun 5, 2016

Child Brides v. Child Slaves

OK, who wins this Thunderdome battle of immorality?

Trick question? Yes. Because the correct answer is

That's right, U.S. District Judge Tena Campbell held Paragon Contractors a firm connected to Warren Jeffs and his child-fuckery cult that they were using children from related child-fuckery cults for child-labor, picking pecans.

Read more:

U.S. District Judge Tena Campbell held Paragon Contractors in contempt of court, siding with federal labor lawyers who said kids as young as 6 were sent to the harvest.

The government said the company had deep connections to the sect led by Warren Jeffs and was under pressure to make money for its leaders before it used 1,400 workers, including 175 children, as unpaid labor.

Paragon denied that, saying families from the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints volunteered to pick up fallen nuts in the city of Hurricane, about 300 miles south of Salt Lake City. Defense attorneys argued that kids looked forward to taking the break from home-schooling to build up food supplies for the needy.

Wait, what did they make the kids do?

Campbell's decision comes after she heard from five children and teenagers who said they were pulled out of classes to work long hours while they were growing up in the sect. They said they were exposed to cold rain, barred from resting in nearby vans and often given only one snack to eat.

In the decision handed down Wednesday, Campbell cited testimony that some of the youngest children wet their pants because there weren't enough portable toilets for all the workers.
Pretty sure that is because all those transgendered folks had taken over all the toilets just like they do at Target.

Besides, aren't people supposed to bring their own snacks to work? Damn unions! Moochers want food too?

A grand jury in Utah also has indicted several church leaders on charges of conducting a multimillion-dollar food stamp fraud scheme.
Oh. Never mind.

Authorities say those leaders are loyal to Jeffs, who is serving a life sentence in Texas after being convicted of sexually assaulting girls he considered brides. The sect does not have a spokesman or a phone listing where leaders can be contacted.
What? No spokesperson, and no Obamaphones? Why are these Mormons being treated as if they were the Bundys?

What about their religious freedoms, huh? What about that?

Sect members believe polygamy brings exaltation in heaven. It is a legacy of the early teachings of the Mormon church
Sorta like the reverse Sharia. Hedge-fund Sharia, to be precise. Instead of killing innocent people so that they can enjoy 72 virgins in heaven, they child-rape the virgins here so that they can enjoy more in heaven?

Note that none of the mainstream Mormon leaders have condemned this.

So when will Drumpf demand that we halt all Mormons from traveling in and out of the country till our leaders can figure out just what the fuck is going on? After all, he is not afraid to say what establishment Mormons will not say at all. (Looking at you, Mitt)

[B]ut the mainstream faith abandoned the practice more than century ago.
So mainstream Mormons are not True Mormons? How convenient!

Wait, that can't be all of the religious persecution, can it?

Jurors in Phoenix found March 7 that the twin polygamous towns on the Utah-Arizona border violated the constitutional rights of nonbelievers by denying them basic services such as police protection.
Yea but they are atheists. Discrimination against atheists is not discrimination, it is basically protecting the rights of the religious to believe.

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