Sep 28, 2014

"What are you prepared to do?" [UPDATED]

Flashpoint Ferguson. The saga so far:
  • An 18 year old black teenager, unarmed, is shot down by a police officer.
  • The teenager dies, his body left in the spot for hours.
  • The officer's report contains no details.
  • The police chief refuses to reveal the officer's name for days, and when he does, includes an unrelated bonus reel of the teenager allegedly stealing and scuffling with a store clerk. Clarifies that the officer had no knowledge of this incident at the time of the shooting.
  • Many, especially blacks, are outraged; FOX News digs deeper into the teenager's past; protests and vigils are held till some in the crowd start looting; followed and preceded by an alarming display of police force with intimidation of the press and protesters alike.
  • The DA does not indict or arrest, instead convenes a grand jury and proceeds to present unknown evidence, leaving it to them to decide what charges.
  • The jury has till early January 2015 to decide.
  • Meanwhile fundraising efforts are underway, the one for the officer take in more donations than the family of the dead teenager. The fundraising organizer is a noted political bigwig, and a prominent member of the governor's circle.
  • Independent witnesses reports are remarkably consistent: the teenager was fleeing when the officer opened gunfire and was surrendering with his hands up when he is shot dead.
  • Numerous journalists and social media activists dissect the events, with stories about alleged cover-ups, incompetence, and purported holes in the police stories.
  • All through this, the purported civil-rights leaders appeal for peace while demanding justice.
I have no idea what justice is supposed to look like; I suspect it is one that involves an indictment, conviction and some time in prison. Preferably on first-degree murder charges.

I only want a trial, because a Grand Jury does not deal out justice that way.

In all likelihood, it isn't happening. Three days after the shooting I got the sense that if the DA even indicts the officer, he'll throw the case, and the officer will walk. Unrest, protests, looting and inevitably some violence will occur, and soon the focus will shift to the "unlawful animals" who cannot respect our justice system.

Eventually, after some speeches imploring peaceful protests to replace hooliganism, some strong-arm tactics of the militarized police, peace will prevail. The officer will either get reassigned to another precinct, or more likely retire, get a cushy gig in some security firm like Xe Services, and the teenager's parents left with huge legal bills. With enough piety that tells them to "get over it."

Then, it'll repeat all over again.

What if I am wrong? Well, wouldn't be the first time. It'd just be a source of great optimism. But suppose, for now, that my foresight is not misplaced, and justice as I describe above, is not served.

In that context, I ask as Sean Connery does in the clip below:

I'd be remiss if I did not share what I'm prepared to do:
  1. Selectively mock all those who will irrelevantly and in a tone-deaf sermon offer the utterly useless "but we must not resort to violence, because it never solves anything," or similar vacuous platitudes. Especially those platitudes that focus on what we should not do, when asked what we should do.
  2. Monetarily contribute to help the teenager's family cope with their legal bills.
  3. Monetarily contribute and support legal and armed surveillance of the police. To be clear, I'd support any organization that'll recruit local, law-abiding, licensed gun-owners, train them in legal matters to shadow the police in cities like Ferguson, ready, able and willing to use force if they see an imminent illegal police action. Similar to what the Black Panthers did in California in the days preceding the hurried enactment of the Mulford Act. 
  4. Repeatedly demand that the MSM take the NRA to task if they did not vociferously support the efforts of such organizations to bear arms as is their constitutional right, and call the MSM on their racism when they fail to do so.
  5. Always listen to alternatives, and if shown to have a shot of being more effective, adapt.
What are you prepared to do?

Update: As predicted, no indictment

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