May 24, 2014

Biblical Origins

In US Weekly, former superstar and current ex-superstar Toni Braxton reveals that she once thought that God punished her decision to have an abortion by making her son be afflicted with autism.

Well, she seems to have reconsidered that position, because... well, no idea. But if you believe in her God, this would be consistent with his revealed character. When David cheated with Bathsheba, the wife of Uriah the Hittite (and one of his generals), the LORD was displeased. What did the displeased Lord do on that occasion?

You guessed it, the Lord struck their first-born with some malady that ended up killing it. It somehow makes sense that if Toni Braxton displeases the LORD, he'd strike her kid with autism, does it not?

So what changed for her? She does not say, but I suspect that she's probably rationalized that such was merely coincidental, and at any rate Jesus, her true LORD would not do such a heinous thing. But why not? How can one be sure?

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