Apr 27, 2014

Think on this, Part 1

Suppose a Christian, well-meaning as he proclaims himself to be, warns you that you need to believe in Jesus as your savior by accepting that he died for your sins. That if you do not believe the claim, as documented in the Bible, then you are choosing an eternal afterlife in Hell. That Hell is a place of eternal torture, although couched in euphemism such as "apart from God" which is purportedly the worst form of torture there is.

So as to make this clear
  1. He claims that the Bible says this,
  2. He vouches that the Bible is true,
  3. If you disbelieve him, then you are choosing to reject a free gift and you are choosing an afterlife in Hell.
Suppose you then respond by saying that such a horrible thing to accept as just let alone civil, that anyone deeming it just to be eternally tortured for an inability to believe the claim is fundamentally a horrible person, and that you wish that such people would die a gruesome, painful death on earth soon, but go to Heaven so that they can spend time eternally in their desired final destination.

Which one of you is more hateful, and why? 

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