Jul 4, 2012

That's lovely and all, but god?

Wild leaps: "particle provides explanation of how all matter in the universe has mass" to  "god particle."

What am I missing here?  Why is this god?  Am I too stupid to see the pathway?

I was told last night this is the unifying event... WTF?

I feel the same frustration I did trying to point out logical leaps of bibilical teachings to my grandma amidst her adamant insistence that I believe and buy it all as truth, the only truth, despite gaps this five-year old could ride her pony through.... I was convinced then of only one thing:  religion is a form of insanity.

It took me 50 years to say it out loud, but hey, it's still true:  religion is a manifestation of mental illness.  Teaching religion to children is child abuse.

Religionists will insist now that I'm going to hell.  And that's different somehow from being pretzel-twisted by faith and dogma?


Staid Winnow said...

If a certain editor had the intellectual honesty of a pet rock, or the courage of a roadkill, he'd have called it what it was called in the submission:
"The goddamn particle".

'tis how religion flourishes: usurping combined with polite dishonesty.

Bretta said...