Jul 4, 2012

In death, Paterno hides (UPDATED)

Remember Joe Paterno?  The legendary football coach whose career dragged on longer than Reagan's should have, and finally crashed and burned through an ignominious firing?

Well, he did not care that one of his assistants regularly raped little boys when he was alive. Now that he is dead, he cannot be doing anything different. 

(eerily similarity to the other Papa at the Vatican, who too ignores child rape)

Well, his legacy is tarnished forever, and in a rather unusual move to distract--because there is no other reason--his will shall remain sealed.

"The last will and testament of Joe Paterno was ordered permanently sealed from public view along with all related court filings at the request of a family attorney, a newspaper reported Sunday."

Whup-de-friggin do!

Why should we care why his family hides his will?  Oh, likely because none of it is going towards even addressing his reckless disregard for child-rape victims he could have prevented.

Rot in... too bad, there is not one.

UPDATE:  He knew! and he went Vatican-mode.

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Bretta said...

The way men protect each other regarding child-rape makes me think it must be a sacred ritual amongst them, a cult practice. Would there be any Catholic Church without child-rape? Or franchise football? The analogy extends to other groups: sports, Mormonism, the US Military, the GOP. Can one even be in the club if one hasn't been the rapee or raper? What is this deep need to the keep secrets of men brutalizing the less powerful?