Sep 28, 2011

Chocolate flavor

Alaska Palin is still reeling from the McGinniss accusation that she had a thing for black men. Now, Glen Rice has not commented, and it has indeed piqued my curiosity to note that neither has she. This is normally not the sort of thing she'd lump in with all that lyin' and changin' facts generic dismissals.

But recently she spoke of Herman "I do not like to read" Cain. She called him "flavor of the week".

Except she called him Herb Cain.

Naturally, give Cain an inch, and he'll take a foot. He called himself "flavor of the month":
[I may be] flavor of the month, but voters will find that there is more to that flavor than meets the eye.
Methinks Alaska Palin likes chocolate especially when it is Herb(al).

(Yes, that is that best pun I could think of.)

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Bretta said...

Glen Rice did affirm, in a phoned comment to the author after publication, that the statement was "all good;" this according to Joe McGinniss.

So it is third-hand, but my impression is that Glen Rice did speak publicly about it.