Sep 29, 2011

Centenarian ends impulse abortions?

The oldest relic judge in the  US judicial system has ruled that Kansas can actually force a pro-force-pregnancy position on its women residents by requiring them to purchase a rider for abortions.  That is, abortions cannot be part of a general health plan, even if not paid for by federal tax dollars in any way.

Judge Wesley E. Brown is 104 years old. His sage rationale?
The law appears to rationally further a state interest in allowing the State's citizens to avoid paying insurance premiums for services to which they have a moral objection
You mean Kansas folk can object to Jimbob's sister wife breeding another litter when they already have 21 children, and would have insurance cover their costs for birthing another one, when we cannot feed the hungry as it is? Morally reprehensible, it'd seem.

If they were not tea-baggers, I suppose.

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